cameras switcher, wireless 3.5mm bluetooth transmitter

Cd Player

Transmitter fm audio. Pc usb ir. Smart wristband. Mini displayport male (gold-plated). A2dp & avrcp. Wireless bluetooth receiver stereo audio. Output mode: : Controllability matrix. Usb 5v power supply. Wireless adapter for laptop pc. Composite. Audio  kit. Built-in 3.7v/250ma li-battery. Gsm high gain antenna. 3.5mm .6.5mm jack. 

2d Tv To 3d

Dvd player, built-in gps, charger. Tv transmitter bluetoothLoopr8. Wholesale  iphonex. Wifi adapter. Wholesale wifi interface module. Ccc,ce,rohs. Patch video. Xzt001157. Dock 30pin. Hdmi resolution: [email protected] : 6dbi antenna range. 49*13mm. 

Antenna Gprs

Not included. Audio spying. Output interface: Supply arduino. Wholesale wifi audio. About 4-6 hours. Adapter dvd. Input boost. Etoplink58*65*15mm. Usb2.0 or above. 

Adaptador Dongle

Toslink to 5.1 converterBluetooth sender. Hfp hsp a2dp avrcp spp. Usb micro sd adapter. Ikos k1s. Pci-e wireless card adapter. Wholesale high water pump piston. Adapter  optical  cable. Key word 6: Speakers smartphone mp3 mp4 music player. Audio cable dual rca male to dual xlr 3 pin female. Display link adapter. Bt plug. Adapter aux bluetooth. Box i7s. 

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Hello, Uma here :)
This is a blog dedicated to Beyblade (all the series). Here you will find:
1.Related Beyblade Post
2.My Beyblade drawings
3.Screen Shots.
and more ;)
Tambien se habla EspaƱol ;)
Hi uma what computer monitor do you use to draw or do you use a display tablet?

Pfff…computer monitor?…display tablet?…


I barely have money to afford most of my needs, I can’t buy such tools.

I use a Wacom Bamboo Pro Tablet (small size) that my father gave me on X-mas.